Opening Words

Since my returned to Israel in 1986, in the wake of some miserable and traumatic experiences , I have often been asked: 'Why don't you write a book?' At that time It seemed to me inappropriate. I thought that years needed to pass before I would be capable of writing about it. And as the years passed, I thought that there was no need for it.

In recent years, all kinds of people have aprproached me, asking again: 'Why don't you write about your life?' And on November 16, 2006, I found myself starting to write and the book was completed in two months.

I hope that it fulfills its purpose.

Back Cover

She will have a wonderful childhood, she will sing beautifully, she will meet the man who will destroy her, she will walk the streets of the "Big Apple", not the lofty ones, but the miserable,mean streets; she will sink into the depth of humiliation, abandon her child, return to her homeland, go through a traumatic transformation, crushing everything that is in her, that is not her, and come out without even the trace of a scratch; not in order to survive, but to stand up to whatever may come, tall, sincere, removed from any kind of pretence, free, Literally so.And she will sing better than ever.